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  "Make the commitment to put Stephanie's hard-earned wisdom and sage advice into practice in your life. You can look forward to experiencing much greater health, happiness, and wellbeing." - Jack Canfield, Co-auther of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. 


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“This is a great and easy read that provides so much value on every page! It's full of information that is practical, helpful and easy to implement into your life. Her helpful acronym (T-B-N-R2) is something I can easily recall when I'm having a stressful moment or need clarity on what choice to make to bring me back to a neutral, calm and positive state.

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Julie Elliot

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“This book offers contemporary discoveries by neuroscientists. I appreciate the way the chapters focus with supporting descriptions, explanations, practices, tips and even resources.My favorite chapter may be the one on thinking. It discusses mindsets, mindfulness, meditation, brain function, perception, etc.

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Cynthia G.

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“This isn't the typical book for me to read, however once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. Stephanie provides her wisdom throughout this book while also letting you get a glimpse of who she is and seeing that she not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. .

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Victoria O'Connor

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What You'll Learn in this Book

"BolsterUp: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Happy Healthy Human" is jam packed with 165 pages of important, science backed, actionable content."

  • #1 Conern about inflammation and where it shows up in your body, pg 77
  • How IAQ affects your health and can contribute to disease, pg. 76
  • ​​ Stunning discovery of what you can do to change your body chemistry, pg. 82
  • ​​ The MVP (most vaulable player) of your brain body system and how to use it to your health advantage, pg. 83
  • What Russian physician discovered years ago, and can save your life today, pg 84
  • #1 protocol for clients with anxiety, pg. 75
  • Secret body part and why it is so vital to your health, and how to use it properly, pg. 82
  • Why Chick-Fil-A is responsible for fibromyalgia, pg. 108
  • Why you should not eat raw vegetables, pg. 105
  • Latest research on diet and inflammatory bowel disease, pg. 112
  • #1 Mindfulness exercise for beginners, and how to use it right now, pg. 60
  • #1 Reason why personal development experts have it all wrong, pg. 6
  • Detailed Scientific Evidence on how you maximize healing starting right now, pg. 135

  •  #1 way to reduce/limit relationship conflict, pg. 54
  • Why your nose is so vital to your immune system and health, pg. 73
  • Top 3 reason you are malnourished right now, and how to fix it, pg 102
  • Why Hungarian physician, known as the "Savior of Mothers" died alone in a mental institution, pg. 109
  • Why my doctors (and yours too) got it it all wrong, pg. 104
  • My own autoimmune disorder, pg. 110
  • The diet that saved my life and body parts, pg. 106
  • Program my clients use to clean up thier diet, pg. 113
  • ​Shocking recommendation that has my clients sleeping like a baby, pg. 145
  • How to improve your body's relaxation response right now, pg. 88
  • New scientific discoveries on breathing and Alzheimer's, pg. 84
  • Plus real life examples, tools to use now, and the science behind each pillar
  • Why teenagers are at risk, and what we can do to help them, pg135

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#1 30 Habits for Thriving with an Autoimmune ($297 value)

This training is your key to find the exact products, procedures and playlist used to balance your immune function, plus the exact routines that work to  get your immune system back in balance.

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 #2 Insider Secrets to Gut Health: Full Gut Health Protocol with Lab Sheet ($497 value)

Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace natural, gut-healing solutions. You'll find lab tests, a personalized protocol, and an enlightening quiz to uncover hidden factors wreaking havoc on your gut. My clients love the guide on labs! Take it to take with you and discuss with your health provider. It holds the secret for you to learn which tests you need and why even if your doctor did not know about these labs before.  Determine what is driving your symptoms and understand why your body is reacting the way it is and what you can do about it now. 

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 #3 7 Breaths of Peace ($97 value)

This training makes it simple for you to try and familiar yourself with helpful breathing techniques and understand the step by step process of each technique and choose the right breathing technique for the situation. Cold, hot, upset, or unmotivated, the 7 Breathes to Peace has you covered. And, as an added bonus many of my clients lose weight when they use these techniques! 

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If "BolsterUp: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Happy Healthy Human" doesn't help you at all... if it doesn't help you think more positively about yourself and others... or if it fails to teach you to breathe in a healthy immune supportive way...or enlightens you about your body's response to stress and resulting autoimmune malfunctions, then I'll refund your shipping and handling, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on my shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your autoimmune disorder recovery results!

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Meet the Author

Stephanie Bolster McCannon

About Stephanie Bolster McCannon

I am an expert in helping women with stress related health issues discover proven strategies for healing disease, creating lasting happiness, and a life they LOVE living!

If you need to find ways to reduce inflammation, figure out what to eat, when and how to take a proper breath, figure out your rest, AND improve your mood then I can definitely help you!

I am best at reducing medication and employing life fulfillment practices so you can say "yes I can".
Some of my accomplishments include:

Certified Health and Wellness Coach (one of the first)
Organizational Wellness Psychologist
Autoimmune Recovery Support Specialist
Published Author

Work History:

I discovered natural, not invasive solutions, to help my body recovery from my autoimmune disorder.
Worked as top health coach for large organizations in the United States and Europe.
Featured in multiple publications, T.V. shows, and in person live trainings.

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
Amazon Best Selling Author in numerous categories
Woman of the Year Award
Teacher of the Month Award

A bit about my personal life..

As a novice ballroom dancer and my first dance and performance was the Paso Doble. Seasoned dancers can't believe the Paso Doble was my first ballroom dance to learn. They also don't know I ran with the bulls in Pamplona! It was meant to be. " Ole"!

I have used this same zest for life to overcome many challenges, health, relationship, career, and others. Life is full of obstacles. Some you see coming. Like during my military training when I knew I had to sprint through the obstacle course and prove my worth among the men. Others are less evident like being diagnosed with a devastating autoimmune disorder that threatened to take me away from two toddlers, and another on the way.

However, I took this challenge full on agreeing to the worst outcome if necessary...early death. This allowed me to dive deeper into life preserving alternatives. And, it worked! Over 20 years later and I am still dancing, scuba diving, traveling and helping others live a life they love too. AND you can JOIN them and me!

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